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Mobile Mini Site Features

Full Mobile Content Management System

Easy To Use Content WYSIWYG Content Editor

Simple Drag & Drop Install – No Messy Databases

Manage all your content for your pages inside of an easy to use backend system that can be edited from anywhere. This will make your life so much easier! Each page has an easy to use content editor that is much like microsoft word so if you can write an email, you can edit the content of your site with ease! Unlike other scripts that are hard to setup or install. This script is super easy to install. We give you a simple video tutorial so even newbies can install the script!

Hack Proof Back-End Bruteforce Protection

Works On All Mobile Devices Beautifully!

Stunning Slide, Fade, and Pop Animations!

The backend admin area is password protected and hack proof. So no one will be able to hack into your site and mess with your site – your safe! Instantly have a mobile site for your normal site that works amazingly well on all modern mobile phones like the iPhone, Andriod, and Windows Mobile! With each page you create, you can choose how they animate on the site. You can create some pretty impressive effects. Just change the animation setting, and your done!

Lead Capture Form – Management & Design

Create Stunning Google Map Pages In 2 Clicks

Integrate Your Blog With The RSS Feed Viewer

Create a lead capture form for your mobile site where you can collect leads from mobile phones! You can even manage your leads in the easy to use backend system… You can have any number of pages with built-in google map with a customizable popup. Show your visitors with useful information! You can display your latest blog posts inside of any of your pages by just pasting in your RSS feed link. Link up your blog in a breeze nothing could be easier!

Super Simple Design Customization

Social Footer – Connect Your Social Sites

iPhone Web Application Support – Bonus!

No need for complex photo editing software, just choose the colors you want to use, and your ready to go! Uploading a header for your site is a breeze too! On the footer of your site you can have buttons for ways to connect with you. You can have: Phone, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps! Not only can you create the site, but you can allow people to download your site as an app and access from within their iphones! This is the killer bonus feature you asked for!

Simple & Effective Mobile Site Previewer

Copy & Paste Mobile Detection JS Code

Create Killer QR Bar Codes With Any Type You Want

You can easily see what your site looks like on a mobile device using our mobile site previewer, so you don’t have to use your phone for changes! Copy one simple line of Javascript on your blog, website, or landing page, and if the viewer is on a mobile site, they will get redirected to your mobile version automatically! You can create any kind of QR barcode you want, and as many as you want. Use them on your site online, or print them and use them in your offline marketing!