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Kelowna Web Hosting

Kelowna Web Hosting – over 10 years of history.

101sitehosting has been proudly providing Kelowna web hosting for over ten years. With our known track record of outstanding performance, experience in the industry, and dedication to our customers, why look elsewhere for your hosting requirements?

Why are we located in Kelowna?

Kelowna is located in the Thompson Okanagan Valley in central British Columbia, and offers some of the greatest disaster protection in North America due to its geographical location. With little-to-no rain, and even fewer storms, essential services such as power, and data have a 99.999% up-time guarantee. In addition, Kelowna offers some of the greatest seismic stability as it is 149 miles (240 km) away from the nearest documented earthquake zone. Large companies such as Disney have begun to relocate many of their services to Kelowna due to its climate and seismic conditions, and many other large companies are beginning to do the same as the Information Technology sector of the city continues to grow at an extraordinary rate. Landmark 101sitehosting data center Headquarters shown above) Our support team also supplements our hosting facility by having a separate Downtown Kelowna office which helps provide backup services in-case of emergencies. The downtown location also acts as our publicly accessible office, as our data-center is protected by a 24/7 surveillance team, and is only accessible to pre-approved individuals. This allows us to assure that all sensitive client data is protected, and allows us to serve government and educational facilities.

Based right downtown Kelowna

The view of Okanagan Lake from our public office – located in the heart of Downtown Kelowna.;

KelownaCity Looking for web hosting? Trying to keep it local? With offices in Kelowna and West Kelowna B.C., we are right in your backyard ready to help any way we can. With our Kelowna web hosting practices both our servers and our offices are located right here in the Okanagan. Nothing is outsourced! If you give us a call you will be talking with a real person located just a stones throw away.


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