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Domain Transfers

Click Here to Request your Domain Transfer

If you have a domain name already registered with another Domain Name Registration company you can transfer your domain to 101sitehosting and take advantage of our Low Rates, Excellent Customer Service, Free URL Forwarding, Free Email Forwarding, and our online domain management tool. When you transfer your domain name you can add years to your existing registration at our regular domain name registration rates.

* also note that all successful Domain Transfers automatically add 1 year to the existing registration expiry date Important Note: If your domain name is within 3 weeks of expiring, your transfer request may not be granted by your original registrar.
Transfer Procedures:

  1. When you request to transfer your Domain Name To 101sitehosting Corporation you will receive an Email within 24-48 hours verifying this request. You must follow the instructions given within this email in order to begin the transfer process.
  2. The Registrant or Administrative Contact for your domain name will then receive an email from the original registrar asking you to authorize the transfer.
  3. Upon completion of the transfer, an email will be sent to the registrant along with a password and access to our online domain management screen.

Your Domain Name Transfer may not go through if:

You have not kept all contact information up-to-date · Your Domain Name is within a month of expiration · Your Account is not up to date with the original registrar · Any other reason that your original registrar deems necessary at which point if the transfer is denied without due cause, it will be up to you to phone your original registrar to see why.
If you would like to transfer many domains at once then Click Here!