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This is the old free version of the popular WS_FTP Pro. This version is no longer free from WS_FTP but it is still one of the best even if it is free.
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Easiest Form2Mail

The newest release is 2.1

# What is Easiest Form2Mail ?
Is a FREE, easy to use, form processor which you can use anywhere you need to send yourself an e-mail from your website. This can be a contact form, order form, shopping cart checkout, suggestion box, support page, etc.

# Why to use Easiest Form2Mail ?

* To avoid SPAM (junk commercial e-mail) and to offer a professional look to your contact or support page. With Web4Future Easiest Form2Mail your e-mail address will be protected from crawling SPAM bots.
* Easiest Form2Mail works with ANY form on your website. You can even use it for multiple forms at once.
* Stop spammers from using your server to send out their messages

# What can I do with Easiest Form2Mail ?

As the name suggests, it's the easiest form you you will ever need. It can handle all form field types, including multiple selection boxes. You can have as many fields as you need, the script will still work, without you having to change anything in it.

# How do I use your script?

All you have to change in the script is your e-mail address (addresses) and the location of your thank you page and you're ready to go. You can use the script with any form...just design your own form and link it to Easiest Form2Mail (you need to have basic HTML knowledge to design a form for your website) .

Easiest Form2Mail was written in PHP and it works best under UNIX, but it can also be used on Windows servers.
Filesize: 3.86 kB